Using the Four Seasons to Inspire Your Decorating: Fall

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The Four Seasons of Decorating: Fall

When you’re starting to decorate a room, choosing a season as your inspiration can help you create a space that is integrated and interesting. All four seasons are effective, but today let’s consider autumn.

With its rich tones and elements, fall makes decorating easy, beginning with flooring. A wood floor provides just the right foundation for your space. Choose a dark cherry for its deep rich red-brown tones. Or would you rather have an oak with its strong grain and steady tans and browns? Whatever you choose, you have a good start on your fall room.

Grab any or all colors of fall leaves for your room’s fabric choices. Leaf patterns in fall colors, rich stripes of maple red and aspen gold will complement all the browns that oak leaves produce. You can go soft and dark or vivid, but don’t hesitate to combine both moods with the pops of bright color that echo a New England vista in October.

Just go outside to gather a rich provender of fall accessories. Cut a few branches covered with fall leaves and place in a vase along with some large fall blooms of chrysanthemum or dark orange sunflowers. Acorns and pine cones piled into bowls invite autumn into your space. Take it one step further with pumpkins and gourds combined with leaves to make the perfect table centerpiece. Or go simple with a bowl of apples washed and ready for eating.

Turn your space into autumn, and you can enjoy the season year-round.

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