Using the Four Seasons to Inspire Your Decorating: Spring

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The Four Seasons of Decorating: Spring

Not sure where to start when decorating a room? How about designing a space around one of your favorite seasons? From colors to textures to materials, think about how every season provides a clear direction in each category. We’ll begin with spring.

Spend a moment considering what spring looks like to you. In color, how about the cool crisp tones of new leaves and spring flowers? Light yellows, yellow-greens and clear pastels such as pinks and lavenders say spring to the eye. Patterned fabrics such as florals and abstracts in your color choices echo the spring mood.

What about flooring? A light natural bamboo or maple floor nicely supports the spring mood, and lots of white painted moldings – baseboard as well as crown molding or wainscoting – give a fresh spring feel. Window coverings can echo the moldings with shutters in bright white, or consider just white sheers or linen drapes at each window.

Finally, plenty of flowering plants kicks the room into full spring mode. Tulips, daffodils and especially fragrant hyacinths set on a windowsill or lined up on a coffee table add the final touch.

When your rooms are fresh and light, it’s spring no matter what the season outside.

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