The Right Space Helps with Homework

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We spend a lot of time talking about how to use design to make our homes more beautiful or functional. With school starting soon, let’s spend a minute thinking about how designing the right space can encourage our children to keep their school work organized.

If you can find a corner that can be turned into a homework station for your child, it can help create a focus for school projects and reading. Just a few ideas can make the space work well:

  • Choose a quiet space with few distractions – no TV, games or phones.
  • The space should be used only for schoolwork, with separate spaces for each child if at all possible.
  • Have your children help with the planning and design – it will make them more likely to use the space.
  • If you have hard surfaces floors, add an area rug to make the room quieter.
  • Use bright colors and whimsical touches to make the space inviting. (area rugs can do this, too)
  • Include a bookshelf for reference books and book report possibilities.
  • Include storage space for old homework papers and class notes and a bulletin board with a calendar to keep track of assignments and appointments.

With a dedicated spot for school-related projects and assignments, you have taken the first step to help your child or children find ways to organize their lives and responsibilities.

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