Using the Four Seasons to Inspire Your Decorating: Summer

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The Four Seasons of Decorating: Summer

Is summer your favorite season? You can bring it into your home all year long by decorating a room with summer in mind. These simple steps can help you turn your home into a summer space.

For flooring, tile evokes the season with its cool touch on your feet. This easy-clean choice handles the demands of summer, from little wet toes running in from the pool to the easy wipe-up required after a troop of kids and a watermelon meet. To really connect your flooring to the outdoor life of summer, consider extending your family room tile across the patio, making the two spaces feel more like one and creating the sense of an outdoor room.

Grab the vivid colors of summer and scatter them through your space with cotton pillows in all the yellows and oranges of the sun, or possibly just a collection of blue and white patterns, reflecting that clear blue sky. To complement the colors, make your furniture summerhouse simple with the addition of washable white canvas slipcovers.

Let’s wrap up with a trip to the beach. Driftwood and shells make the best summer accessories. Scatter them on tables or pile into glass jars and baskets. Whether you pick them up yourself at low tide or buy them at an import store, they will invoke summer memories for everyone who walks into your home.

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