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Reader Question:

My dog is incontinent and as a result my floor has a urine smell. I thought that my ceramic tile floor would be easy to clean but the smell doesn’t go away. We are now moving and I want help with a flooring option in our new home that will not absorb the smell and will be easy to clean. Any help is welcome.

Sincerely, Melanie from Miami


Thanks for your question! There is a general misconception that ceramic tile is easy to clean and the ideal option in a home with pets. Unfortunately, ceramic tiles can be porous, and combined with unsealed grout will allow the urine smell to remain. Going over the offending areas with an enzyme cleaner – available at pet specialty stores, or a diluted white vinegar mix should help your current situation. Once clean, have your grout sealed to avoid a repeat problem.

Porcelain tiles are a good option for your next home. They are not porous like ceramic tiles and will not absorb liquids. Be sure to have the grout sealed to prevent it from absorbing urine or any other liquids. Avoid stone – this option also tends to be porous and much harder to deal with on this issue.

You may also want to consider picking up a few inexpensive machine-washable rugs such as those designed for bathrooms and place them where your dog likes to lay. Your dog will find them comfortable and they may help you by absorbing a good part of the urine before it hits your floors.

We hope this helps!

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