Making A Bathroom Feel Larger

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With the new trend toward larger bathrooms, many people may find their current bath space unsatisfactory. But with a few changes, any bathroom can feel larger without adding any square footage.

To start, how about replacing your shower curtain with a frameless glass surround? The new options are striking, and often offer additional decorative details such as the etched horizontal lines shown in the photo. By going with glass, the bath’s space automatically looks at least two feet larger.

For an additional change that adds perceived size to your bath, replace your vanity sink with a pedestal. The open space under the sink combined with the ability to see the flooring from wall to wall creates a substantial sense of space.

Bath fixtures that match the walls and consistent tile and color across the bath make the space feel larger because there are no obvious breaks. The flooring in this bathroom also carries through that theme by continuing into the shower area. The white-on-white approach keeps the bath bright and inviting, and the dark floor adds needed contrast without subtracting spaciousness.

The final addition comes from the mirror. This one is larger than needed to allow the reflection to add to the room’s perceived size. You can expand your bath without losing closet space if you operate the way these people did, by thinking in terms of design rather than square footage.

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