Protecting Carpeting and Furniture from Pets

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Would you like to have a pet but worry about whether your lovely home would be ruined? A few tips can help give you the opportunity to have a loving furry companion and a clean, charming home.

If you have a pet door, provide the same opportunity to keep outside dirt off your carpet as you do for people – place an absorbent rug or mat just inside the pet entrance, and make sure it is long enough for all four feet to hit, removing at least the outer layer of dirt.

Vacuum regularly – at least once a week and more if your animal is a heavy shedder. This will pick up both pet hair and any additional surface dirt brought in from outside, as well as keeping your carpet looking more like new.

Don’t worry about pet odor. Regular bathing for your dog and frequent litter changes for your cat will eliminate that concern. If shedding is an issue, brush your pet daily. With praise and treats, this can be a special time for you and your animal.

If you can’t keep your pets off the furniture, use large towels or sheets to cover them. With regular laundering, your sofa or chairs will stay clean and relatively hair-free. A quick sweep to remove the covers before guests arrive will allow you to maintain a beautiful look to your home, and still enjoy your pet.

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