Tile 101: Ceramic Tile

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Have you considered tile floors in your home? Ceramic tile offers the most variety in terms of color, shape, style and personality. International hand-painted ceramic tiles can liven up the border of a fireplace or the risers on a stairway. Some ceramic tiles mimic stone, while others use unusual glazes and embossing to create a sopecial and colorful floor.

Most ceramic tile is extremely low maintenance. Sealing the grout at installation keeps it from staining, and a damp mop keeps the floor at its best. Slip-resistant elements added to many glazes keep tiles safer for kitchens and baths. Ceramic floors are also long-lived, lasting for the life of the home.

One exception to the low-maintenance characteristic of ceramic tile is the unglazed option shown in this photo. This tile, known in the U.S. as Saltillo, is a handmade tile with a natural variety of color. This tile has to be sealed annually and does chip and crack. However, advocates enjoy the old world feel the tile creates. If you love this look but don’t want the maintenance, there are a number of glazed ceramic options that mimic this style.

Are you ready to tackle your tile options? With ceramic, whatever your taste you are likely to find a tile that works for you.

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