Tile 101: Porcelain Tile

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Choosing between porcelain and ceramic tile can be confusing. Often the styles look alike and seem almost the same, but there are differences.

Durability and hardness represent the primary differences between the two types of tile. Porcelain tile has a stronger product as its base material, and has a longer and hotter firing time. Often porcelain tile’s color and design are built right into the tile rather than fired as a separate glaze. This makes porcelain last much longer and able to handle more abuse. For this reason, porcelain is the tile of choice for commercial and outdoor applications.

Porcelain comes in a good variety of styles and colors, but is most often seen in design options that mirror natural stone. Limestone, travertine, marble, granite and terracotta are common natural choices that limestone mimics. With the variety of patterns available in many tile lines, porcelain closely resembles the look and feel of stone without the high maintenance requirements.

With grout sealing which is recommended at installation, porcelain is the lowest maintenance floor available. Just a swipe with a damp mop will keep the floor clean and looking its best. If you want an attractive floor that is also low maintenance and will last for the life of your home, consider porcelain tile.

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