Holiday Home Décor

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The holidays should be an enjoyable time for you and your family. Avoid becoming overwhelmed with holiday decorating. Below are hints to keep you excited, inspired and maintain sanity.

Qualify Rooms: There is no need to decorate every inch of your home for the holidays. Only decorate rooms that entertain guests. There is really no need to decorate bathrooms or bedrooms. Save your self some time and money by only decorating rooms where family and guests gather.

Tasteful Not Tacky: It is easy to go overboard with holiday decorations. Avoid looking tacky by using white lights that do not blink. Large decorations (like large blow up lawn ornaments) should be used in moderation. Greenery with contrasting, intertwined ribbon looks very tasteful when combined with white strands of lights.

It’s “HOLIDAY” Season: Don’t get caught up with perfecting your holiday décor; remember it’s only temporary. Spend less time decorating and spend more time on holiday activities with family and friends. Take some time to holiday and relax a bit. You will remember joyous memories with loved ones; not what the house looks like. Keep in mind what is really important and what the holiday season represents.

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