Look at the Big Picture

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In business, you may hear people talking about looking at “the big picture.” This is good advice in decorating too. Maybe if this homeowner had stepped back and taken a real look at the big picture for this space, we wouldn’t be looking at this mismatch between the décor and the space it inhabits.

Really, there are no problems with this room. It is light and bright, with a beautiful wood floor, attractive vaulted ceiling, and glass doors that add to its architectural interest.

The furniture choices are also not a problem. The colors connect well with each other and each piece of furniture is in good proportion to every other element. The problem comes when this furniture arrangement is placed in this room. The space and the furniture have no connection with each other in terms of color, proportion or style. As a result, it looks as if the décor is just visiting, rather than being an integral part of the space.

Can this situation be fixed? There is hope. To start, changing out the cushion color to something cleaner and brighter would be good. The space begs for some bigger art pieces – or maybe a collection of art – to expand the vignette to take advantage of the space. How about a hanging lamp to replace the track lighting, improving proportion and providing an opportunity to make the style of the space connect with the style of the furniture? A rug would also expand the presence of the furniture and anchor it in the room.

As you plan to decorate your home, don’t make these mistakes. Step back and take a look at the big picture and create a space that works from every angle.

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