New Year’s Resolutions – Make Your Home Safer

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What are your New Year’s resolutions this year? Do you want to lose 20 pounds or commit to walking several miles three times a week? Well, when you’re making your personal resolutions, how about throwing in a couple of resolves to make your home safer for you and your family?

Here are a few areas to get you started.

Lighting: Are your stairs and hallways well lit? Whether you’re talking about inside or outside the house, good lighting can help your family and guests avoid falls. This becomes particularly critical with winter weather. Check all of your home’s entrances after dark, as well as any risk areas inside your home.

Flooring: Are your floor transitions smooth? If your homes moves from tile to carpet or wood, are the thresholds easy to traverse without tripping? Do you have any slippery rugs in the bathrooms or kitchens? Non-slip pads will keep those rugs in place.

Bathroom safety: Choose flooring for bathrooms that will not get slippery when wet. Put bathmats with suction cups in baths or showers to keep them secure. You may want to add safety bars at the entrance to each bath or shower to keep children and older adults secure. Today’s bars can be quite attractive. Just make sure you attach them to a stud to keep them in place safely.

HDTV installation: Wall-mounted televisions must be installed properly or they create a safety hazard. If you select a wall-mounting system that is designed to handle the size and weight of your television, and have that system professionally-installed, along with proper electrical installation, you have what you need to enjoy your system for years.

Read the instructions: Every new product you brought into your home this holiday season has detailed installation, use and safety instructions. Read them and pay attention. Products are constantly changing, and the rules that applied to your last curling iron or laptop may not be right for your new one. Pay attention and help ensure that you have a safe and happy 2011.

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