Post-holiday Wrap Up

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It’s the last week of 2010 and the winter holidays are almost over. If you take a few minutes now to plan ahead, you can make the next year and its holidays more successful. Here are a few ideas for managing your post-holiday activities.

Plan your pack-up: This might be the year to buy those boxes that hold your decorations carefully, so nothing is broken when you take them out next year. Some have individual spaces for particularly fragile ornaments. This week is a good time to find those containers on sale.

Check your lights: How long have those outdoor and indoor lights been part of your holidays? Holiday lights aren’t designed for a long life. If any have frayed cords, broken sockets or more than a few burned-out bulbs, toss them. Once again, after holiday sales can allow you to snag next year’s lights at a good price. While you’re looking, consider the new LED options. They burn cooler, come in amazing colors, and use much less energy.

Get your electronics in gear: Did you receive a laptop, HDTV, or other electronic treat in your stocking? Don’t waste any time setting them up to make sure they meet your needs and work properly. Most stores only give you two weeks before charging a restocking fee for returns. Stores will also only address problems with the equipment for a short time before requiring you to send that gift directly to the manufacturer for repairs. And while you’re at it, make sure to read all the safety and installation directions. This is especially critical with wall-mounted televisions.

End 2010 with a careful wrap-up of the holidays, and start 2011 with a blast!

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