Give Your Walls A Voice

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Do you often wish your home were more personalized to your taste? There are several different ways to make your mark on your home.

Frame family photos and place them on accent tables. Family photos look great in groupings on a hallway or stairway wall.

Monogramming is another way to personalize your home and furnishings. You can easily have your family initials embroidered on hand towels, bedding, dinner napkins and any other linen items.

Wallpaper is another way to add personality to your rooms. For example: Do you like cooking really spicy, flavorful dishes? There are wallpapers available that have great colored peppers in bright reds, greens and yellows. That would be a great patterned wallpaper for your kitchen; which looks great and inspires you while preparing tasty meals. Maybe you have an office that you don’t enjoy working in. There are really great Zen looking wallpapers that look like safari grasses or bamboo stalks. Creating a sense of peace will make you more comfortable in the space and will allow you to think clearly, or simply drift off in a day dream while reading a page turning book. Soft carpet is another way to make each room more personal and warming; choosing a color and texture of your personal favorite will make each room more about you!

If the idea of wall-to-wall paper puts you off, hang paper on one accent wall. Accent walls create the same effect as it would if all walls were covered. The ways to personalize your home are limitless. Be proud to make your house your home!

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