Redecorating Now!

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Many people find winter days discouraging, with the cold weather and lack of sun. Now that the holidays are over, why don’t you do yourself a favor and redecorate a room to cheer your space and your mood.

Years ago, any painting or new carpeting had to wait until spring because the strong smell of the new products required open windows for a few days. Now, however, we have products that are totally smell-free. The smell came from volatile organic compounds, often referred to as VOCs. These are gasses that new products release into the air until eventually the gas and the smell is eliminated.

These VOCs can cause some people problems, particularly those with allergies or other respiratory concerns. Today, most manufacturers have developed products that significantly reduce or even eliminate these gasses. To learn more about the products available with little or no VOCs, check with one of our salespeople.

So how about changing a room and making this winter a little brighter and more fun? It may be cold outside, but you can stay warm with a new view right inside your home.

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