Room Fix: Piano Problems

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Do you play the piano? If so you’re probably looking with longing at that lovely baby grand. Music sounds so much better on a truly beautiful grand piano. But if you sit down to play, you’ll recognize a problem immediately. What is it?

It’s the lighting. While the piano looks inviting facing the room, the light coming from the window would put the sheet music in shadow. In addition, there are no lamps close to the piano, making it almost impossible to play in the evening. It’s clear than in this home, no one actually knows how to play, and this lovely instrument is simply a large accessory in the room.

The second problem is aesthetic rather than functional. While the room itself is classic in style with simple elegant lines, someone decided to go into too frou-frou a direction with the window treatments. The pink curtains with the trim, rosettes, and bunting in the middle of the window is overdone for this room. Change it to red white and blue, and it would work well for the Fourth of July.

The window on the left has the same fabric and trim but no extras. This works fairly well. The blue throw pillow and small flowered rug in the room also push the fluffy border, but with a simpler window would still work. It’s like the classic image of a well-dressed woman who puts on her jewelry and then removes one piece as a measure of good taste. That bracelet, I mean bunting, has got to go.

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