Think Inside The Box

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This bedroom is simple and old fashioned. Yet there’s something about it that makes it also cozy and inviting. What creates the magic in this space? To understand, you need to think inside the box.

Every room is essentially the inside of a box, with six sides. When a room’s design only takes five of those sides into account, rooms often feel unfinished. Include the ceiling in your plans and you have the start of a cohesive design.

The monochromatic approach starts integrating every element in the room right away. Take a look at the warm brown carpet. It’s almost an exact match with the walls. Every element in this room is some shade of brown or cream – including the dog!

Take a moment and check out the ceiling. That’s where the drama happens in this room. The strong contrast between the dark brown color of that sixth surface and the light cream covering the deep frame of crown molding takes this room up a notch from a design perspective. It’s a truly daring choice for such a traditional room.

Pattern provides the other linking element, with the bedclothes and pillows echoing the painted brown and white plates hanging over the bed. One dark brown chair to the right anchors the ceiling color with the rest of the room, creating an environment that is complete and comfortable.

Do your bedrooms feel this integrated? What do you need to do to create this mood in your own home? Maybe you should start by looking up!

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