Traditional and Daring

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This room says traditional, but its color choices and contrasts keep it looking fresh and new.

Let’s start with the carpeting. Patterns were common twenty and more years ago and then almost vanished until just recently. Now design in carpets – from color-based patterns such as this one to the subtler embossed approaches – are available in many styles.

While this pattern and color choice is fairly traditional, the light tones, the addition of a matching rug with contrasting border, and the flooring’s fresh colors keeps it from looking stale in the room. It coordinates well with the white ceiling, moldings and wainscoting.

The deep paint color keeps the room from looking too washed out and delicate. The daring tone works well with the rest of the room.

The fabric choice for the loveseats and drapes fit in the room, but possibly a less flowery choice in a bit darker tone would have anchored the furniture better with the space. The valance is a distracting element, cutting into the crown molding and pulling the eye away from the fireplace, which should be the focal point in the room.

The accessories match the traditional tone of the space, but with enough personality to draw positive attention. Altogether this room shows design courage despite its traditional approach.

Traditional doesn’t mean boring. Does your home need some design daring? Maybe it’s time to shake things up!

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