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Question: I cook a lot and I want to put a vinyl floor in our kitchen. With upgraded cabinets and a solid-surface countertop, will it look out of place?

Answer: Take a look at today’s vinyl floors and you will discover that their designs and textures will easily support your kitchen plans. This kitchen floor, for example, closely matches the look and even the texture of a nice porcelain tile.

Many long-time cooks prefer to put a “soft” floor in their kitchens. Those options include vinyl as well as laminate and wood floors. They are much easier on your feet than stone or tile when your work involves a lot of standing.

The other advantage to vinyl for a cook is the easy clean-up. Just a quick swipe and spills and spots are gone. This floor can handle almost anything you throw at it.

Finally, vinyl is a very cost-effective flooring choice. This gives you the flexibility to select one of the higher-end vinyl floors while still having the budget for upgrades somewhere else such as the six-burner range shown in the photo!

Go ahead with vinyl. Choose what you will enjoy. It’s your home and your kitchen, and you can make it both beautiful and functional.

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