Classic Chevron Wood Flooring

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The Europeans don’t have a corner on the market when it comes to chevron pattern flooring, but it would seem so. The French especially embraced this design and it can be found underfoot in many houses in Paris and throughout the country. The word itself is of French origin meaning “rafter.” The chevron is an inverted V or roof-peak pattern which symbolizes protection.

While there is no documented history of when or how the inverted V pattern was adopted to flooring, there is history of the chevron symbol itself being used as far back as 1800 BC. Examples can be found in early art on pottery and rock carvings. It has long been used by the military of many countries as a sign of heraldry.

When the chevron is applied to wood floors it resembles a sharp zigzag pattern which can add to the energy of the room. It is one of the busier styles of flooring, but absolutely beautiful when incorporated into the overall design of a room. It works really well in large spaces with high ceilings. While in smaller spaces it would be overwhelming.

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