Coastal Décor Flooring Ideas

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Whether it’s a house by the beach or one in the city, the trend towards a tropical beach-style décor is very popular. Light hues, natural materials, anything with seashells and tropical furniture are all part of the trend. Flooring lends itself towards the colors of the sandy seashore in neutral whites and beiges. To create your own coastal look there are several different flooring options you can go with.

Whitewashed wood is a perfect choice for coastal flooring. The whitewashing technique allows for the wood grain to show through giving it a soft, hazy and weathered look, reminiscent of driftwood. If whitewashing doesn’t appeal to you, paint the floor in a solid white or pale gray for another beachy look. Finally, a natural stained wood with a distressed finish and wide planks works well with the look of rattan or wicker furniture.

Ceramic Tile
A sandy or white tile looks lovely with the differing elements of coastal décor such as a seashell chandelier or a natural wicker sofa and occasional chair. A Mediterranean feel can be achieved with solid colors of cool aqua or green tiles. If you live near the beach and will be in and out of the sand and water you’ll want to choose a ceramic tile with a heavy texture to ensure it is nonslip for safety.

Add sisal area rugs or sisal squares to your flooring for a truly tropical feel. Sisal comes in a variety of patterns and colors to go with any room in the home. Think of placing a sisal rug in the entry, under the coffee table or on each side of the bed.

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