Romantic Bedroom

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Would you like your bedroom to have a romantic feel like the one in this photo? You can recreate this mood with just a few changes or additions to any bedroom.

The exotic flavor of this room starts with the flooring. The natural-looking tiles are a terra cotta that brings other countries to mind. This room could be in Italy or Spain, Latin America or the Caribbean. This room has a simple area rug by the bed, but you could choose to showcase one or more rugs in muted tones that bring out the gentle feel of the space.

With the exception of the bed, the furniture is simple and understated. The painted nightstand could be re-created in the colors of your choice from any simple piece of furniture. The four-poster bed appears hand carved and adds a dramatic element to the room. While it may be difficult to find one like it, you may be able to track down a four poster with personality to replace it in your space. You could paint it, or let the linens and canopy provide the light tones.

Embroidered linens similar to these are available new, or you may want to explore antique and second-hand stores for linens with personality. You don’t have to use actual bed linens – old tablecloths can substitute for both the bedspread and canopy.

If you’re not comfortable installing strong plaster walls like the one in the photo, an effective faux painting effect would work well. You could also use a technique such as Venetian plaster on one or more walls to add personality.

Finish the room with art and accessories that suit your style – possibly collected on your travels. With a little thought you can sleep in a room that feels like you’re in another country or another age.

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