Tile: Not Just for Floors Anymore

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Take a classic maple cabinet, combine with a solid-surface countertop and stainless appliances, and you have a nice kitchen with nothing special to recommend it. Imagine this kitchen with a plain painted backsplash. Add this sparkling tile backsplash, and the kitchen becomes something to notice.

There are only four colors in this glass tile backsplash and one size of tile, but the varied pattern-less approach to color takes this kitchen up a notch.

Does your kitchen catch the eye? Unlike other rooms in your home, accessories on the countertops just get in the way in your kitchen’s functioning workspace. It’s often expensive and impractical to replace cabinets. You have three less expensive areas to make your kitchen special: flooring, countertops and backsplashes. Of these three, generally the missing piece is a backsplash.

Tile is a natural choice. It holds up well to splashes from your kitchen adventures, the choices of size, pattern and color is virtually unlimited, and the small space means that you can splurge on a more expensive option without blasting your budget. The photo shows a glass tile, which adds a contemporary touch. Ceramic and porcelain choices also work. No matter what style your kitchen features, you can find a tile that will complement it.

Visit our showroom and plan to get creative. Let us help you add something special to your kitchen that you can enjoy looking at every time you cook.

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