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Stone Creates Rich Feel in Bathroom

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Are you ready to spend a week at a spa in Naples, Italy? Imagine relaxing in this pool of hot water after a day of exercise, healthy salads and seafood, and maybe a massage.

Well, we probably can’t go running off to Italy for a spa visit, but we can create an old-world spa feel in our bathrooms. How about an inviting hot bath in a room that reminds us of the best of Europe?

Take a look at our selection of tumbled stone to make a good start. The soft edges and uneven surface of tumbled stone makes a bathroom feel established, cool and inviting.

Next, we need to figure out how to replicate the soft diffused light in this room. Glass block or sheer window curtains will contain any glare and even out the light coming in. Frosted light fixtures can provide soft light at night.

That chaise lounge definitely looks like an inviting spot to rest for a few minutes. You may not have the room for a chaise, but a bench covered with a white cushion could be a good substitute.

Your tub may not be 15 feet across, but a deep spa tub with jets can give you just as relaxing a soak. Bring that gentle blue color into the room with accessories. Choose a soft blue glass vase or a clear bowl filled with blue sea glass with its sharp edges rubbed smooth by the ocean.

Would you like your bathroom to be a relaxing escape from the challenges of the day? Well, just create a space that invites you to imagine your own spa without even leaving home!

Bright Colors and Light Wood

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Pantone, the company that provides color information, insights and palettes for manufacturers, graphic artists, printers and designers, has chosen a reddish pink similar to this one for its 2011 color of the year.

This is good news if you like this color. Choices in consumer products of all sorts are influenced by Pantone’s color picks. Soon you will probably see variations of this color in fashion, accessories and just about anything else you can imagine.

What if you want to have this color – or a selection of light bright tones – in your home? Well, we recommend taking a look at our light wood and bamboo flooring. As you can see from this photo, light wood works extremely well with these colors. Without resorting to white flooring, you can complement these colors while adding warmth to the room.

Light wood is durable, easy maintenance and long-lasting. Its flexibility also makes it a great choice for children. From an inviting nursery, this light wood approach opens up almost any option for color and style as your child gets older. A good foundation like this floor combined with some simple neutral accessories will enable a child to make imaginative changes without a flooring conflict. A floor like this in other rooms gives you the same opportunities for changing your décor.

Whether you want a home that you can adjust in response to trends, the seasons or your own whims, make the right start with a floor that will move with you – a light wood or bamboo floor.

Pure White Kitchen Design is Timeless

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Are you in the process of building or renovating your kitchen? Have you decided what color scheme you would like to use? One of the most popular colors chosen for kitchens is white because of its timeless beauty. Plus, white is the most versatile color in the spectrum because it translates well with almost any kitchen style from country to modern. White is a classic that will never be out of style.

Now, is a pure white kitchen design aesthetically pleasing and not too cold or boring? Pure white design can be both warm and welcoming and will never look dull if you use the right accents, textures and tones to help bring out the best in your kitchen.

You can start with your kitchen cabinets. If you want your kitchen to have a modern style, you can opt for bright white cabinets. But if you want a more rustic and country feel, try using antique white. To have a continuous flow of white, use white barstools and white floors to give it a monochromatic effect. However, if your kids have you second guessing an all-white kitchen decor, not to worry—you can use surfaces that are easy to clean like stone countertops and laminate flooring.

Using the right lighting such as mini pendants or small chandeliers above the bar area and bigger lights above work areas will give a warm glow to your kitchen. Bring texture through the window coverings, flooring, and countertops in tone on tone designs. Place flower pots around the room filled with fresh flowers to create an even more inviting all white kitchen.

Herringbone Pattern Perfect for Large Spaces

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Flooring can make a big statement about your style. Hardwood floors continue to be a favorite among many homeowners. They’re elegant, beautiful, eco-friendly and at the same time are very easy to clean and maintain. While many choose to have their wood floors installed in a straight parallel pattern, others are looking for a bit more flair.

The type of pattern used when laying a wood floor can have a big effect on the overall look of a room. Not only does it dictate the room’s style it can make a room look bigger or smaller and can even affect furniture placement.

For larger spaces, such as the great room, many designers suggest the herringbone pattern. Herringbone floors are a traditional floor pattern used commonly in Europe. There are several variations of Herringbone with the most popular being the Chevron and the French Herringbone. These patterns are very bold and are a bit busy in a smaller room. However, they work terrific for larger rooms by creating interest without being overpowering.

Herringbones are oversized blocks which are placed in a zigzag shape, with each end forming a V with the next board. Herringbones are installed piece by piece either parallel to the room or diagonally which visually expands the room, thus making it a perfect pattern for rooms with large spaces.

When considering a wood floor pattern, consult with one of our flooring professionals who are experienced in creating the best look for our customer’s homes.

Light Room Sets Tone for Spring

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Bright, light and inviting, this room creates a happy mood. Every element combines to say spring, no matter the weather outside.

Let’s start with the basics. The wood floor has a whitewash tone that stays bright while still sharing the warm texture that only comes from a wood grain. The focus on texture continues with the light yellow-green area rug.

Green shows up again in the simple houseplant which carries the spring theme without overwhelming you with foliage. The straw color of the pot also shows up in the small coffee table in front of the loveseat.

White predominates in the rest of the room. The loveseat, side table, walls and window coverings are all white. Notice that the shades are those designed to allow you to control the amount of sun coming into the room depending upon the time of day. That wall of windows could create a glare without those protective coverings. Instead, the warm brightness creates a positive mood while still allowing the homeowner to work on her laptop.

This room is small, but the design choices make it a particularly welcoming place for one or two people. Sometimes, creating a space with just a touch of color provides just the right spot to remind you of the warm weather and new life coming with the changing of a season.

Spruce Up Your Stairs with Color

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Stairs are an often neglected design space in our homes. There are three popular options for stairs: full carpet, runners, or bare wood. Carpet works especially well if the rest of your home has carpet. A stair runner is a nice compromise between bare wood and carpet as it allows the wood to show on the sides. Wood looks great in an older home. We loved it when we discovered this last option, painted wood stairs.

We think this is a great option for an older home such as a Queen Anne or Victorian. Often these homes will have painted risers on the staircase. And 99% of the time the risers are painted white.

If your wood stairs are not in the best of shape but you don’t want to invest in a custom stair runner or carpet, paint could be a great option to add some flair to the stairs.

In this example, the soft blue complements the soft yellow of the walls to create a welcoming feel to the entry. We like the crisp white accents and punches of deeper blue.

As with any decorating project, paint is an easy, quick way to change a space. Stairs are no exception. You could keep your wood stairs and just paint the risers a complementary color to your walls or add a fun pattern like diamonds or scrolls. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

And if you don’t like the paint, you could always get a runner or carpet the stairs later.

Today’s Kitchen: Inviting & Functional

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Although you may still see a kitchen that feels old-world in some new homes, the trend is moving more toward a simple and inviting look. This kitchen demonstrates the style and features many of today’s kitchens are now sporting.

Some things are still part of any well-designed kitchen. Porcelain tile on the floor allows a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain. The light and varied pattern provides the warmth of stone without the cleaning and sealing challenges. This pattern of rectangular and square tiles keeps the floor a strong design element without overpowering the rest of the choices made in this kitchen.

Stainless steel appliances are still the surface of choice, particularly with exceptional cooks. Stainless is easy to maintain and tolerates hot dishes and pans. This particular range/hood combination also has a backsplash in stainless to stand up to abuse while still looking good for years. However, you may see certain appliances such as refrigerators or microwaves with covers to match the cabinet doors. Too much stainless can be a distraction and will show fingerprints more than wood, particularly on much-used refrigerator doors.

Kitchen drawers have come into their own, replacing the deep dark spaces that used to be standard in lower cabinets. This kitchen shows nothing but drawers under the countertop. Other styles have doors that open to show two pull-out drawers. With simple segmentation, drawers can hold any kitchen item, from pots and pans to an entire set of dishware.

Are you ready for a new kitchen? If so, check out how choices have changed in the last few years. You can have a great space that is also a functional and effective support for your cooking goals.

Its All About the Light

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Photographers really think through how an object, person or space can be lighted to its best potential. As you can see in this photograph, even something as simple as this chair gets special attention with three lights – two with reflectors.

This emphasis on lighting is one reason why room designs shown in magazines are so professional and beautiful. You can make your home more like a magazine illustration by paying attention to your home’s lighting.

Photographers use lights and reflectors to open up shadowy areas and emphasize highlights. We can do the same thing. Our challenge is more difficult because we have to pay attention to a room’s appearance during the day as well as at night.

In daytime, reflecting window light provides the best way to bring sunshine into a room. If a room has limited sunlight, look at ways to maximize what you have. Use window coverings such as shades that can be pulled completely out of the way during the day. Consider light reflective flooring such as a light bamboo with a glossy finish. Paint the walls light bright colors and add a mirror or two positioned to reflect window light.

Alternatively, if a room gets too much light during the day, consider adding those window coverings that will limit the light or adjust to shut down glare. Dark, non-reflective flooring choices such as carpet or tile or dark wood in a matte finish will help minimize glare. You can go darker with the walls or furniture in this room also – the sun will keep it from feeling gloomy.

In the evening, add floor and table lamps to add sparkle to darker areas of a room. Ceiling spots positioned to show off artwork also add ambiance and interest to a space. For more lighting possibilities, use a strong flashlight to try various up-lighting and spot effects – moving it around the room to determine where some additional light would add to the appeal.

When you decorate your home, lighting is as much a factor as any other architectural characteristic. If you include it in your plans, your designs will always benefit.

Go Rustic with Wide Planks

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Does this room appeal to you? For many people, a warm feeling comes from the hand-crafted style of the room. It seems as if everything in it was handmade or carefully chosen and valued.

From the ceiling beams to the unusually-large fireplace, the space was clearly built by hand. Its sturdy, simple style speaks of years gone by when people carved their lives out of the wilderness. It’s not a simple log cabin, but the final result is not far removed from it.

What gives this room its authentic look? For a start, take a look at the wood floor. It is a classic pine with wide planks. Those planks were common at one time, but rarely seen today. They support the sense of age that permeates the home. For a long narrow room such as this one, wide planks also add balance.

Wide plank wood floors are available today, along with another feature that adds to a handmade look – hand-scraped flooring. If you want a home with a flavor of yesterday, a wide plank floor can provide a good foundation.

Choose furniture and accessories with the hand-finished look to continue to create a rustic flavor. Turned wood bowls and handmade pottery make effective accessories for this style. An extra-large hearth will provide more space for handmade elements. Dried flower wreaths such as the one over the fireplace and simple furniture will add to the mood.

If you want this look or something like it, come visit our showroom and see our selection of wide plank and hand-scraped wood floors. We may have just what you are looking for to help create a home as cozy and inviting as this one.