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Photographers really think through how an object, person or space can be lighted to its best potential. As you can see in this photograph, even something as simple as this chair gets special attention with three lights – two with reflectors.

This emphasis on lighting is one reason why room designs shown in magazines are so professional and beautiful. You can make your home more like a magazine illustration by paying attention to your home’s lighting.

Photographers use lights and reflectors to open up shadowy areas and emphasize highlights. We can do the same thing. Our challenge is more difficult because we have to pay attention to a room’s appearance during the day as well as at night.

In daytime, reflecting window light provides the best way to bring sunshine into a room. If a room has limited sunlight, look at ways to maximize what you have. Use window coverings such as shades that can be pulled completely out of the way during the day. Consider light reflective flooring such as a light bamboo with a glossy finish. Paint the walls light bright colors and add a mirror or two positioned to reflect window light.

Alternatively, if a room gets too much light during the day, consider adding those window coverings that will limit the light or adjust to shut down glare. Dark, non-reflective flooring choices such as carpet or tile or dark wood in a matte finish will help minimize glare. You can go darker with the walls or furniture in this room also – the sun will keep it from feeling gloomy.

In the evening, add floor and table lamps to add sparkle to darker areas of a room. Ceiling spots positioned to show off artwork also add ambiance and interest to a space. For more lighting possibilities, use a strong flashlight to try various up-lighting and spot effects – moving it around the room to determine where some additional light would add to the appeal.

When you decorate your home, lighting is as much a factor as any other architectural characteristic. If you include it in your plans, your designs will always benefit.

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