Stone Creates Rich Feel in Bathroom

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Are you ready to spend a week at a spa in Naples, Italy? Imagine relaxing in this pool of hot water after a day of exercise, healthy salads and seafood, and maybe a massage.

Well, we probably can’t go running off to Italy for a spa visit, but we can create an old-world spa feel in our bathrooms. How about an inviting hot bath in a room that reminds us of the best of Europe?

Take a look at our selection of tumbled stone to make a good start. The soft edges and uneven surface of tumbled stone makes a bathroom feel established, cool and inviting.

Next, we need to figure out how to replicate the soft diffused light in this room. Glass block or sheer window curtains will contain any glare and even out the light coming in. Frosted light fixtures can provide soft light at night.

That chaise lounge definitely looks like an inviting spot to rest for a few minutes. You may not have the room for a chaise, but a bench covered with a white cushion could be a good substitute.

Your tub may not be 15 feet across, but a deep spa tub with jets can give you just as relaxing a soak. Bring that gentle blue color into the room with accessories. Choose a soft blue glass vase or a clear bowl filled with blue sea glass with its sharp edges rubbed smooth by the ocean.

Would you like your bathroom to be a relaxing escape from the challenges of the day? Well, just create a space that invites you to imagine your own spa without even leaving home!

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