Careful Use of Color

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This could be a challenging room to decorate, but the choice of white as the strongest tonal element combined with black accents and only two more colors actually make this room work amazingly well.

White is a gutsy choice here, but with the floor to ceiling windows, high ceiling profile and the decision to position the television above the fireplace, choosing white provides support to all the architectural elements in the room. The two major black elements become the focal point, framed in the floor-to-ceiling soft green curtains.

The black is echoed gently with the delicate coffee table. The green encores as part of the throw pillows. The room needed one more color to come to life, and red is a daring choice. Combined with this particular shade of green, there is no holiday appearance. Instead, the colors add a sophisticated touch to the room.

The white carpeting and furniture may seem like high-maintenance choices but don’t be fooled. Today’s stain proof fiber technology allows white carpeting to stay white and furniture to keep their like-new look.

Speaking of today’s technology, take a look at these window coverings. The curtains are strictly decorative. Privacy and light control are managed by the white blinds. Remote-controlled, these blinds can cover the entire window or completely disappear. They can rise up from the bottom and down from the top, or both as is shown here. This is the best solution for windows like this.

Do you want to jump into this type of white look? Then select two or three colors that you love, don’t forget the black, and go for it!

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