Carpet Fiber Guide

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Are you a carpet fanatic? Do you love decorating each room in your house with area rugs so as to define the space appropriately? If you like home decorating like we do, and if you love decorating your floors, it is best to know a thing or two about carpets. This guide will give you knowledge about the different types of carpet fibers that will help you in choosing the right carpet floor for your home.

Artificial carpet fibers range from Polyester, Acrylic, Blends, Nylon and Olefin (Polypropylene).

Acrylic- also known as synthetic wool as it looks a lot like wool, but comes at a cheaper price. It resists electricity, mildew, moisture, fading & sun damage.

Polyester- is more luxurious and softer compared to other fibers. It’s easy to clean and resistant to water stains. It is also relatively cheaper compared to wool & nylon.

Blends- is a combination of Nylon & Olefin. These types, however, aren’t stain resistant as the two types of fibers have different stain resistant properties.

Nylon- is the most common of all carpet fibers; about 90% are available in the market. They are best in high traffic areas, durable, stain, mildew and water resistant. Their colors are also most likely to last longer.

Olefin- are the next best thing to Nylon. Their colors are colorfast due to the dye mixing process during production.

Next time you stare at your carpet you’ll now have at least the slightest idea what it’s made of and how.

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