Decorate a Child’s Room for You and Your Child

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When you are ready to redecorate a child’s room, it can be hard to strike a balance between what you want and the wishes of your child. This year he may want dinosaurs, and next year be caught up in Spiderman. The following suggestions will help you both get what you want without breaking the budget.

  1. Start with the flooring. Choose something neutral enough to work well with any theme or colors. A light or medium wood floor, bamboo or a light neutral easy care and stain proof carpet will all work well with a variety of colors and other decorating options. Remember that the room has to grow with your child and that bright blue he loves at seven might not work when he is 15.
  2. Choose simple flexible furniture. Pick out a few pieces that will last a long time and always be useful such as a chest of drawers and a desk. Look for modular pieces that can combine in a number of ways over time. For example a bunk bed with a desk underneath is fine until your son is six feet tall and his feet hang over the end of the bed.
  3. If you put in wood blinds to coordinate with your flooring, you can always buy an extra set of sheets to make up inexpensive curtains to add to a window or eliminate curtains entirely for a sleeker look.
  4. Bring in color and themes through paint, bed linens, art and accessories. These are the least costly of your decorating expenses. With neutral flooring and furniture, your child can let his or her imagination run wild and still keep within a reasonable budget.
  5. Finally, use this project as an opportunity to teach your child about compromise and negotiation. With some planning on your part, it can be a fun and educational experience for both of you.

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