Making a Successful Move, Part 1

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When you’re ready to move to a new home, the move itself can be satisfying or frustrating depending upon how you handle the process. In this two-part series, we’re going to take a look at some steps you can take to make the best of a tough job.

Before you even start the moving process, start going through your things and discarding what you don’t want to take with you. It’s better to sort before you move rather than wasting time, space and money hauling things you don’t really need anymore.

Next, give yourself a few days between closing and moving to prepare your new place for the move. If the home is a resale, check to see if it needs cleaning. This is one time to consider hiring professional cleaners to help if needed. Check your floors to determine if the carpets should be cleaned or other types of floors should be polished or sealed. This is much easier to do before you move. Measure the rooms to help you make a furniture plan.

Give yourself about twice as much time as you think you will need to pack. Plan on about twice as many boxes as you think you’ll need also. Wander behind copy shops to get great paper boxes – they’re sturdy, easy to stack and a good size for a lot of things.

Keep a numbered list of your boxes with a short inventory of critical elements inside each. Be sure to label your boxes with the right room for their delivery in your new home. Highlight the boxes you should unpack first.

There may be things that are too fragile or precious to entrust to movers. Designate a closet or cupboard for those, and plan to move them after the movers finish. Take a last walk through your old home, checking every closet and cupboard. Check walls for any art you may have missed. You may think you’ve taken everything, but you could be wrong.

Next: what to do during and after your move.

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