Making a Successful Move, Part 2

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In part 1, we had a few suggestions to make your pre-move work easier. Now let’s take a look at during and after your move.

On the day of your move, prepare your new home’s floors for the movers by covering carpeting with drop cloths to keep it clean. Protective covers may also be a good idea for some wood floors so they don’t get scratched by heavy furniture.

Have one person at the old place and one at the new home. Make sure you have a list of boxes and the plan for where each piece of furniture goes. This is not a good day for distractions. Make sure you have a plan to keep children and pets taken care of elsewhere during the move.

Have your essential boxes placed in one spot so you can open and unpack them easily. Make sure your boxes are placed in the right rooms.

After the move, check your furniture for scratches or breakage. Check the boxes against your list. Let the movers know right away if there are any problems.

Plan for eating out or getting take-out on the day of the move and possibly for a few more days. This will give you the time you need to set up your kitchen properly. Unpack those critical need boxes first. Don’t be upset if you don’t get anything else unpacked – this has been a long hard day.

Go back to your old home and make sure every closet, cupboard and drawer is empty. Check walls for art you may have missed. It’s easy to lose track during a move.

Once your furniture and boxes have arrived at your new home, don’t feel obliged to unpack all at once. Take care of your main rooms and then unpack a little each day for the first few weeks. Be sure to take the time to enjoy your new home on the way.

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