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Turn Your Closet into an Asset

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Is your bedroom closet a cluttered mess? Are your floors covered with things that your closet can’t hold anymore? Well, in the interests of helping you show off that gorgeous flooring you recently bought from us, let’s walk through a complete closet update.

Start by removing every single thing from your closet. This may seem extreme, but it’s essential to get everything done properly. Now, you may notice quite a bit of dust and such – clean that up first. Next, sort through everything and put it into three piles – keepers, losers and undecided. Take all the losers and immediately put them in bags for give-away or trash if not worth donating. Put those give-away bags in your car now – no peeking or second-guessing your decisions!

Check all the keepers to see if they need any cleaning or mending before putting them back into the closet. This is a good time to develop an organization plan. Sort by season, color, function (work vs. casual) or any system that you think will work for you.

Now it’s time to tackle those undecided items. Here’s the first rule: you have to try all of them on – preferably in front of a full-length mirror. If you don’t want to try something on – it goes in the discard pile. If it looks like something you wouldn’t buy in the store, it goes in the discard pile. If you’re not sure, it goes in the discard pile. Put what’s left back in your closet, following your new organization plan.

Now, make a list of any wardrobe additions that would expand the versatility of what you own, such as a great pair of white pants for summer. They make any top look better. And then pause, look down, and admire that beautiful, empty floor!

Find the Right Home for You

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When you plan to buy a home, the process can seem overwhelming. Here are a few suggestions as you begin the process to make your search more successful.

Start with money. Talk to your bank or a mortgage broker to see how large a mortgage you can qualify for. Then take that number and factor in any additional expenses or spending preferences you won’t compromise on for a home. Take that monthly figure, and start saving the difference between that and what you’re already paying. This will allow you to “practice” paying the mortgage while you can still make adjustments, and the extra money will be helpful for unexpected expenses when you move.

Next, determine what kind of home you want. Do you want a new home or a resale? Are there certain neighborhoods or areas you want a home in for convenience to work or schools for your children? Start listing the most important factors. If you and a spouse/partner are buying a home together, make separate lists and figure out your priorities before you start looking.

New home builders have models to view. Be sure to include association fees and the cost of any upgrades you want. Also check into their financing. You might be able to get a better deal with their mortgage broker. You don’t really need a realtor with a new home purchase.

If you want a resale, start visiting open houses. This will give you a better idea of what homes look like in the neighborhoods you like and how much house you can buy in various locations. Only engage a realtor after answering those questions. That will make the search easier and quicker for both the realtor and you.

Finally, don’t get distracted by cosmetic characteristics in resale homes. Paint, flooring and light fixtures are easy to replace. Look at a home’s room size, arrangement and location. Pick a home that speaks to you, and then make it into a home that matches your style.

Tile Floor Colors Set the Mood

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With over 50 tiles designs, Dolphin Carpet’s tile collection has something for everyone. So many great tiles to choose from might be overwhelming—how do you decide which tile is right for you? Tiles, like any flooring, set the mood for a room. Ask yourself if your room is formal or informal or somewhere in between. Do you prefer cool or warm tones? We’ve chosen four different tiles, two warm tones and two cool tones, to see how pattern and color can set the mood for a room.


Warm colored tiles fit well with casual or Mediterranean décor. Inspired by real terra cotta and artisan tiles, these tiles will create a warm, inviting space. The Kenya Teja tile has a rich terracotta color. Warm hued floors create a casual, farmhouse or country feeling for a mood. It would look fantastic in an entry or kitchen.

Another warm tone, casual tile is the Jack Rojo. While the Kenya Teja is a solid color tile, the Jack Rojo has a subtle mosaic pattern. We like it for kitchens, Mediterranean or Latin inspired bathrooms or entries.


While warm colored tiles lend themselves great for casual or Mediterranean décor, cool color tiles feel more modern and formal.

The dark, charcoal grey Leather Gris tile would look great in a modern or contemporary space, including bathrooms, kitchens or dining areas. Dark floors create a dramatic backdrop for area rugs and furniture.

The Areia Roma tile is light veined grey that recalls marble. This tile has a more formal feeling for a traditional kitchen or bath.

No matter your taste Dolphin has a tile for you.

Glamorous Modern Powder Rooms

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The very term “powder room” conjures up images of old Hollywood movies and bygone eras when women excused themselves to powder their noses. A glamorous modern powder room can capture the essence of those days when a lady only carried lipstick, powder and taxi money in her evening bag.

Hollywood glam style powder rooms should sparkle with vintage elegance and modern twists.

Wallpaper is a hot trend that can easily add glamour to a space. Because a powder room is a small space, you can be bold in choosing pattern and colors. Look for wallpapers with a vintage style pattern for old style Hollywood glamour.

Think about sparkle for your powder room. The mirror over the sink is a great place to start. A round mirror or starburst mirror would add flair to the space. A Venetian style mirror is another elegant choice.

Polished chrome fixtures for the sink and towel holder will add additional sparkle. Select silver accessories to match. Look for vintage powder room accessories online or at local flea markets.

A vessel sink can add a modern twist to the old Hollywood glam of a powder room. A small cabinet or mirrored side table would work as a base for the sink without taking up a lot of space.

Flooring options include vintage style tiles like hexagonal or penny floor tiles as well as dark wood floors.

Glamorous modern powder rooms combine vintage design and sparkling elements that transform a functional bathroom into a little slice of old Hollywood. For modern powder room flooring visit us online at

Dressing Rooms for Every Style

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Small spaces, like dressing rooms and closets, shouldn’t be ignored when decorating. Even these diminutive rooms can take on different styles. By using elements like rugs, furniture, lighting and accessories, a dressing room can go from boring to stylish to suit your home’s décor.

A traditional style dressing room or walk in closet should have a traditional light fixture like a chandelier or glass pendant light. Wall-to-wall carpet in a luxurious, velvety saxony or an oriental rug would complement traditional furniture. Darker woods, like mahogany, for furniture and built-ins will create a warm, elegant environment.

Contemporary and modern dressing rooms will have clean lines and fewer decorative flourishes. Mini-pendant lights or recessed lighting would work in these spaces as would modern pendant lights and contemporary chandeliers. Wood floors, in a dark or natural stain, will keep the space feeling uncluttered. Furniture, like a parson’s table used as a vanity, should also have clean lines and minimal ornamentation. Accessories in bright colors or shiny metals further the modern feeling.

A feminine dressing room can easily be designed with curvy, French style furniture and girly lighting like a petite chandelier draped with crystals. A floral area rug and accessories will complete the look.

Paint and wallpaper can dramatically change the feeling of any room. In a small space, be bold in your choices. It will be quick and easy to repaint.

Whatever your style, a small dressing room can easily be decorated to match your taste with a few key elements. Visit Dolphin Carpet & Tile online for many dressing room floor choices.

A Comfy Rug

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If you have the kind of family that spends almost as much time on the floor as they do in a chair, maybe it’s time to look for comfy flooring. A nice area rug covering a key floor-sitting area in the family room could do much toward making your children and their friends more comfortable.

When you start shopping for an area rug, look for a carpet pad that is designed to go over whatever type of flooring you have. Choose a good quality pad because that is the first step to creating comfort with an area rug.

As you look at rugs, be sure to touch as well as admire. The texture of a rug can make it more comfortable. In the case of the rug shown, long thick yarn creates a nice cushiony place for your children. However, don’t dismiss lower nap rugs. Depending upon their construction, they can be very soft. Finally, check the materials. Some people are allergic to wool, for example, and soft doesn’t matter if a rug makes you itch!

Once you’ve found the right rug for your family, pick up a few large floor pillows. They will give everyone another layer of comfort and help you convert your floor to preferred seating for your children and their friends, and maybe even for you and your friends too.

Low Contrast Makes Room Look Bigger

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This photo shows an inviting area that seems made for entertaining. If you look closer however, you will see that this room is very small. If you’re ready to make a small room in your home feel larger, take advantage of these tips to get started.

  • Limit the contrast in the room. By sticking with similar colors, you can create an integrated space without having everything match. Notice that the flooring is a slightly different shade of light wood than the table and built-in cabinets. The art on the right wall provides another few shades of this yellow-taupe hue. By limiting contrast to just these elements and the white chairs and pendant lights, the room seems bright and larger.
  • Open up the space. By eliminating the fourth wall, this small room becomes a large alcove. This also allows the owner to expand slightly beyond the room’s boundaries to provide room at the back for the built-in shelf.
  • Build in as much as possible. The more the floor shows the larger the room seems. Imagine replacing that built-in cupboard buffet as a china cabinet. The size of that system would overpower the room as a stand-alone piece of furniture.
  • Keep it light and bright. The pendant lights over the table and the brightly-lit built-in bar invites guests to have a drink with dinner.

With a little thought and effort, you may be able to make even your smallest room feel open and inviting.

The Multigeneration House Part 2: Sharing With an Adult Child

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There are many reasons why an adult child may want to move back home temporarily. It may be to save for a down payment on a house, to reduce expenses in order to pay off debts, or because downsizing has reduced their income and they want to stay debt-free. This can work out well if you all agree on ground rules ahead of time. Here are a few issues to consider.

Is there a definite plan for your child to move in and leave home again? You have the right to set firm guidelines on what should be a temporary situation. This plan should include a time frame, savings plan, what expenses and rent your child will be paying, and any home responsibilities your child will take over. As a self-supporting adult, it’s important that you don’t accidentally encourage a “back to childhood” pattern when he or she moves in.

Designate the space your child will have as his or her own. It would be good if the room looks different than it did when they lived at home. Encourage them to bring some of their own furniture to fix up their room or rooms. Take advantage of area rugs to make the floor look different. Don’t, however, redecorate for your child. Remember that they are only temporary inhabitants in your home.

Encourage your child to rent storage space for any excess furniture or household goods that will be needed when they set up housekeeping again. Do not sacrifice your garage or basement to these goods. It’s important to encourage independence.

Remember that you are not in the business of parenting them anymore. Since you have no right to define their friends or social behavior, keep your requests to issues that affect your life. For example: staying quiet when coming home late or letting you know if they won’t be home for a meal.

The Multigeneration House Part 1: Sharing with a Parent

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Many years ago, it was common for multiple generations to share a home. Grandparents, parents and children would all live together. After World War II, that changed for many people when young couples sought the dream of having their own homes. Now, however, parents of baby boomers are getting older, creating a situation where multiple generations are once again sharing space.

Here are a few suggestions to make the transition easier when you have a parent joining you and your family in your home.

  1. Make sure everyone has some space that is under their control. Remember that your parent or parents are used to having a home of their own. The best scenario is a room for every individual or couple. If that isn’t possible, be sure that everyone has some private spot that is under their control, even if it’s just a corner of a room. Also give everyone their own storage space. Your parents have had to give up a lot of possessions for this move, and it’s important that what’s left is respected.
  2. If you have older family members joining the household, do a safety check for them. For the elderly, this may involve moving rugs that could be a tripping hazard or adding a non-slip pad underneath. Falling is the most common reason for the elderly losing their ability to walk. With that in mind, carpeting is the safest flooring for the elderly because it can cushion their falls. Consider adding a large carpet in their room. You can have standard carpet cut to size and bound so a room can be almost completely covered at a minimal cost.
  3. Finally, spend some time with your parents, discovering their concerns and priorities. Does your mother still want to bake cookies every Saturday afternoon? Would your dad like a garden in the back yard? Are your children worried that they may not be able to have their friends over for a movie night every Friday with popcorn? If you all work together, joining the generations in one home can be an enriching experience for everyone.


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Have you decided to downsize to condo living? There are a lot of good reasons for this decision: children out of the house, more flexibility for traveling, or locating closer to work. If you’re ready to move to a condo, here are some flooring ideas for you.

  1. You will have less square footage to cover with your flooring, so you can splurge a bit. Even with a limited budget, a smaller footprint allows you to spend more money per square foot, so you can consider that wood floor you’ve always dreamed of before.
  2. Plan for the flooring transitions. With a smaller place, too many flooring transitions can chop up the space. Shoot for as few transitions as possible. You may want to put tile in the bathrooms, but continue a wood floor into the kitchen. With the proper coating, wood can handle most kitchen requirements well.
  3. Think about color issues. With a condo, generally you don’t want to have major color changes from room to room, but you may change your colors over time. Choose flooring that will work with the colors you plan now and in the future.
  4. Take advantage of rugs to define spaces in open-concept condos. If the living and dining spaces comprise the same room, strategic area rugs can focus the eye on each space as a separate entity.

With a little thought, your condo floors can enhance your space and add to the sleek sophistication of your downsized home’s look. Let your flooring set the tone for your new home and your new lifestyle.