A Comfy Rug

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If you have the kind of family that spends almost as much time on the floor as they do in a chair, maybe it’s time to look for comfy flooring. A nice area rug covering a key floor-sitting area in the family room could do much toward making your children and their friends more comfortable.

When you start shopping for an area rug, look for a carpet pad that is designed to go over whatever type of flooring you have. Choose a good quality pad because that is the first step to creating comfort with an area rug.

As you look at rugs, be sure to touch as well as admire. The texture of a rug can make it more comfortable. In the case of the rug shown, long thick yarn creates a nice cushiony place for your children. However, don’t dismiss lower nap rugs. Depending upon their construction, they can be very soft. Finally, check the materials. Some people are allergic to wool, for example, and soft doesn’t matter if a rug makes you itch!

Once you’ve found the right rug for your family, pick up a few large floor pillows. They will give everyone another layer of comfort and help you convert your floor to preferred seating for your children and their friends, and maybe even for you and your friends too.

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