Rainy Day Camping

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Don’t let rainy weather spoil all of your camping plans. You can have almost as much fun with an indoor camping night.

Start by clearing space in the family room or any other larger room in your home. Tents that don’t require posts to set up can work on any flooring without doing any damage. You may want to add one or even several area rugs underneath it to cushion the floor for sleeping.

Cushions in a circle can mimic a campfire for ghost stories. You may want to lay down a blanket or towels for munchies to protect the floor and carpets. Hot dogs, hamburgers, beans and other camping food help keep the mood in place. Then clean-up is as easy as folding the towels together and taking them to the washing machine.

Ghost stories, camp songs from your childhood and other games can make the evening fun. No lights – just safe LED candles and flashlights. While your children are young enough to enjoy it, these events can help bring your family together, spark imaginations and creativity, and help them learn to make their own fun. If it works out well, how about making it an annual event?

Remember, you’re providing your children with the opportunity to build new family traditions and create memories that could last for the rest of their lives.

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