Look Through Your Own Doorways

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This is a beautiful photo, but what makes it really magic is that you are looking at the street through an archway. This arch frames the image and almost creates a visual story. Think about creating a feast for the eyes in your own home when people look through your doorways.

The arch transition moves from dark to light and the street’s surface carries your eye through to the doorway at the end. In the same way, flooring in your home can draw the eye to the focal point of your choice. If you have wood, tile or laminate, the natural lines of grout or wood edges will draw all eyes into each room. What do your guests see at the end of that natural pathway?

Colors are muted but the contrasts visible in the scene keep the image interesting. Do you use colors or contrast to create interest in each of your rooms?

The doorway at the end of this street is the focal point of the photo, but a number of little images also draw the eye. The bicycle on the right, the cracked wall on the left and the posts just before the door provide interest along the way. Do you have features in your rooms waiting to catch the eye? These touches keep a view interesting.

How long has it been since you stood at one of your doorways and looked in? You may find it gives you an opportunity to freshen up your home when you take that new view of it. Come visit one of our showrooms and let us help inspire you!

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