Lovely Loft Living Space

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If you’ve ever wanted to live in a loft, this room will strengthen that dream. The balance of industrial and classic elements combine to make a room that is unusual and architecturally interesting and still comfortable and inviting.

Let’s look at the choices that help this room work so well. First, the aged brick wall and large commercial-sized window announce that the home was once a factory or warehouse. Choosing a simple wooden custom blind for the window allows the maximum of natural light while providing the option of privacy and light control.

The flooring is fairly common in loft environments, depending upon the original floor situation. This is a stained concrete floor, which emphasizes the industrial qualities of the space while still creating an inviting base for the area rugs needed to soften the hard concrete.

This rug is a perfect choice. The soft velvety band around the edges makes the sisal rug fit for company and adds an effective black pop to the room.

One of the smartest decisions in the room is the ceiling – using a wood floor to cover the vents and pipes that are always a part of loft living. Maybe they’re visible in other areas, but in this room using wood provides the support needed to create a glamorous, classic design. The wood and brick combined with the vertical mirror and large-scale painting allow the room to play as one space all the way to the very high ceiling.

With the blend of browns, gold and lighter neutrals, the room feel like a sepia-tone painting. This image is emphasized by the strong natural sidelight from the window. The curved arms on the sofa and chair and the abundance of throw pillows keep the room in classic mode, and this is further encouraged by the traditional painting over the chair.

By choosing wood for the ceiling and blinds, this homeowner helped make loft living cozy and classic.

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