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Since outdoor rooms generally have only one wall, choices of flooring and roof material really affect the final look. In this outdoor living and entertainment area, smart and unusual decisions add style.

The roof shows an uncommon choice – thatch. Although this option has been in use for centuries and works well for protection from rain and sun, it’s difficult and expensive to find people with the skill to produce a thatch roof of this caliber. The effort was definitely worth it, however, creating a dramatic and significant style feature that captures the imagination and creates a special mood in the space.

The flooring – rectangular and square tile – echoes the rectangular lines of the ceiling support posts. The diagonal orientation draws the eye through the space from the seating area to the dining table at the far end.

Choosing a slightly darker tile for the smaller dividing squares along with a dark grout helps the floor feel as unique and inviting as the roof. Simple squares cut into the framing carry that four-sided image further and add personality to what could have been an unnoticed structural feature.

The rattan furniture also shows a smart eye for design, with its woven texture carrying the ceiling down to ground level. Finally, a tile mosaic on the back wall provides weather-proof art for the area.

The fundamentals in place, the owners can change out the cushion covers and table linens to create any style for entertaining, or just enjoying a nice afternoon outside.

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