Shutters are an Effective Design Choice

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It’s the shutters in this room that make the space work. Their unobtrusive design style and the ability to match them to the wall color helps keep this corner simple and clean, yet still so inviting.

The foundation of this space is the white-on-white that comes from walls, shutters, and the chair and shelves. The basics create a room that could go in many directions.

In this case, the owner chose a soft yellow-green that keeps this corner looking cool even on the hottest day.

Every one of the greens is just different enough to catch the eye while still working beautifully together. There are just touches of other shades – the silver labeling on each shelf and one drop of turquoise in the form of a simple box. Clean lines and cool colors combine to make you want to sit and enjoy this corner, maybe bring in a cup of tea in a Belleek Irish china cup to match both the color and mood.

One important feature in this space’s success comes from the light itself. It has a soft feeling to it – bright enough to enjoy without the glare that often accompanies a sunny day. By moving the louvers on the shutters, the amount of light and privacy is totally under control. One part of the magic of this space comes from the shadows and the greens reflected on the white because of this light. These shutters are the reason why this corner works so well.

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