Sturdy Smooth Tile the Right Choice for Wheelchairs

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The right home can make all the difference for people with disabilities. A well-planned and designed space allows for independence, convenience and comfort. Let’s take a look at some areas around the house where some thought can make a real difference.

First consider flooring. Wheelchairs need a hard smooth surface for maneuvering well, and a sturdy material that can handle the constant movement of a wheelchair. Tile is easily the best option for both these goals.

The beauty and easy-care nature of tile also makes it an appealing choice. People with disabilities have the same design goals that we all do – a home that matches their taste and style. Tile comes in so many choices, the options are almost unlimited.

Bathrooms require special thought. Threshold-free showers, raised commodes with safety rails, and sinks that have space for a wheelchair underneath can all make a difference. Setting the mirror lower helps, as well as providing storage space in drawers rather than a traditional medicine cabinet. A home bath can accommodate people with disabilities while still looking lovely and appealing.

The second area requiring planning is the kitchen. Upper cabinets are not useful, and lower cabinets need pull-out drawers to allow for reaching all the way to the back. A table-height surface for food prep makes a difference, along with a faucet with a pull-out spray on the sink to help with clean up.

Today’s housing industry has products designed by those who understand these issues and successfully address the challenges. Talk to us about how your flooring and other choices can accommodate a number of requirements.

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