Tone and Texture are as Important as Color

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Your choices of tone and texture can have as much impact on a room’s design as color. Although you may not recognize it, having unbalanced tones in a room will make a design feel less inviting. Too much or too little texture can create the same types of problems.

To determine your balance of tone and texture, take pictures of each room and convert them to black and white with your computer.

Take a look at the photo above. By using a sepia tone for this print, it’s easy to discover the tonal changes and differing textures of this vignette. Start with the light wood flooring, and then notice the contrasting tones of the dark Oriental rug with its intricate pattern. The leather ottoman provides an important texture shift, and the tray and throw provide the tonal strength of stripes.

This next photo has the same vignette in color and includes the rest of the room. The rich browns of the ottoman and rug are balanced by the light walls and cream sofa. The light wood flooring is echoed with the two-inch wood blinds on the large window. The floor-to-ceiling shelves would be heavy for the space, but the open back showing the light wall helps alleviate the weight.

Take a look at your rooms when thinking of tone and texture to see if a change would make the space work better. Sometimes it just takes moving a piece of furniture or adding a rug or some art to get a room balanced and beautiful.

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