White and Black and Bling

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We’ve seen white and black color schemes before, but when you add silver and crystals, suddenly you move away from modern to the glamour of old Hollywood.

Let’s start with the flooring. The white tiles have a design in darker neutral tones, which suits the room and leaves the palette open for the daring design choices made here.

The area rug is primarily black, with a floral pattern. The other major black element is the loveseat, which is the only piece with no pattern in the room. This designer is clearly not afraid of pattern and the room benefits.

The glamour starts with the glass separation wall toward the back. By adding large floral etched elements, a simple room break becomes a source of style and an opportunity to reflect light. The throw pillows and lampshade demonstrate the same type of pattern – large, elaborate and floral.

Even the buffet and walls include patterned elements. The buffet’s embossed doors stay subtle while carrying out the theme and the wallpaper has enough shine to reflect light and add personality.

The real secret to this space is the extensive use of silver and crystal. From antique candlesticks to silver-leaf small tables, this metal finish is used in abundance. Every lighting element here is crystal, with the dramatic crystal pillar having pride of place.

Are you ready to have a cocktail with one of the screen stars of the past? It’s easy to imagine it in this room.

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