Architecture as Art

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This condo dining room uses architectural elements designed into the walls as primary art sources. Two pieces stand out – the wall spaces that hold Plexiglas inserts designed to display decorative elements and the custom tile piece over the dining table.

Often space is at a premium in condos, and this takes full advantage of the available space. Consider the wall separating the dining area from the foyer. Using a half-wall provides an appropriate break between the two spaces while still leaving the space feeling open. The wall holes can be left empty to provide glimpses from one area to another, or used in the manner shown.

The square inserts perfectly fit into the wall, providing the option to add color and texture. This photo shows produce in the spaces, but dried beans, herbs, cereal, toys or any other object could be used, allowing the containers to combine décor and storage.

The tile installation in the dining area contributes color and a modern feeling. This custom piece is simple but dramatic, using two colors – orange and dark brown – to create art that easily wipes off in case of food challenges.

This room has a sophistication that belies the reality of the space – it is completely child-friendly. The room is bright and light, inviting for children. The marble floor is dramatic but the dark tones and large tiles make it easy to maintain. The same is true of the wipe-off chairs and tabletop.

Design takes center stage here. Both from the style and functional perspective, this room works. Come in to one of our showrooms and see where your inspiration can take you!

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