Fabric Can Help You Choose Flooring Colors

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Would you like to update your home’s color palette but aren’t sure where to start? There’s a good chance that fashions in color have evolved since you last shopped for your home.

A good place to begin is at a store that specializes in decorator fabrics. These heavy cottons, embroidered silks and other fabric types give you a rich selection of colors, textures and prints.

When you first walk into a fabric store, the experience may be more than a bit overwhelming. However if you spend five to ten minutes simply wandering around the store looking at the choices, you may soon find yourself drawn to certain colors, fabric types or print styles. Leave your mind open to possibilities. You may think you want a stripe when suddenly a pattern of leaves captures your imagination. Or you know you tend to prefer solid fabrics when an abstract geometric catches your eye.

Don’t make any hasty choices. Plan to spend at least a half-hour to an hour really looking at the choices and narrowing down your selection to two or three. Then buy a half or quarter yard of each and take them home. (With a half-yard, you have enough for a throw pillow, so it may be worth the extra investment.)

Lay your choices over chairs and on tables. Move them around your home and see which one stands out. Do you find yourself rooting for a favorite? Can you eliminate one or more after a day or two because you’re already tired of them? That’s great – you’re already moving in a more defined direction for your home update.

Once your choice is made, bring your fabric with you to our closest showroom, and we’ll work to find just the right flooring to coordinate perfectly with your home’s new color palette.

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