Red Oak Flooring

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Red Oak is one of the most widely used floors today. It’s cost effectiveness accounts for a large consumer base who are enjoying the vast variety offered by Red Oak. It generally has a warm, dark color tone, which looks rustic and antique. As the name suggests, Red Oak flooring has a reddish hue which lends it a rich and exotic look.

The ordinary Red Oak is different from the one that is grown in cooler climates. Though cheaper, this variety of Red Oak doesn’t have an impressive grain structure. The real exotic Red Oak is far more striking and closely grained and therefore produces a lovely floor color. Various types of finishes can be applied to it, depending on your budget; for example hand scraped finishing, solid finishing, or even unfinished Red Oak floor looks great. Through these options you can easily obtain a contemporary look, or a classic hardwood floor effect.

Red Oak floor doesn’t require much maintenance and has a very long life. It has a great degree of hardness, comparable to other hardwood floors, and can easily sustain high traffic. Due to its hardness you don’t have to worry about placing heavy furniture it.

Red Oak is definitely a great choice if you are looking for an affordable hardwood floor that is visually at par with other exotic wood floorings. The number of choices available makes it perfect for every room of your house, and fits beautifully in any type of room décor.

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