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Many people think of slate as having a rich variety of colors and tones, and many slate collections do have that. However, what makes slate special is its texture. In these two slate wall displays, using grey slate allows the texture to shine.

In this first photo, the pattern is random rectangles. There is no difference in the color of the slate. The changes you can see come from the different angles of the cut slate and the way light breaks on them.

This wall adds drama whether inside or outside a home. Imagine a splash of red against this wall. Or you could choose black and white décor, while letting the grey provide a powerful neutral in the background.

This second photo uses grey slate with more differences in tone and color. The repeating pattern of squares surrounded by rectangles gains additional attention thanks to the occasional darker grey elements added to the design. The wall also has hints of warmer grey on some tiles.

Of course, you may want to take advantage of the color range offered by slate. Our collections provide a wide range of tones and moods. Slate works on walls like in these photos show, and it makes a dramatic floor. Many people choose it for an entryway because of the impact it can have.

Because slate looks so vivid when wet, it’s a good choice as a background for a waterfall or as part of a fountain.

Let us share the variety of choices possible with slate. Visit our showroom and take a look at what slate can do for your home.

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