Take Color Ideas from Ocean Photo

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When you’re ready to redo your home or design a new one, it can be challenging to select an overall color palette.

One approach that can help you start is by viewing photographs. But don’t limit yourself to room photos. Let’s take a look at how the photo to the left inspired a color mix for the living room shown below.

This close-up photo of shells and stones has an inviting balance of warm and cool tones. Brown, black and cream come together with grays and charcoal to create an inviting palette of neutrals.

Now if you look at the photo below, you will see these colors echoed in the room and its furniture and accessories. The appealing wood flooring mirrors the warm brown on the shell taking up the foreground, while the shell at the back is analmost perfect match for the leather sofa.

The large area rug captures virtually all of the colors of the small stones. Cream, gray and light browns provide a base that mirrors both the colors and a sense of letting everything mix as naturally as the stones do.

Accessories capture the light and dark features in the beach photo, and the end result is a natural mix of brown and neutral tones.

Are you ready to find the right photo to use as an inspiration for your home? Once you find it, bring it to our showroom and let us help you select flooring and other elements to bring those colors into your home.

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