Cohesive Design Connects Vaulted Ceilings to Rooms

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Vaulted ceilings add drama and a sense of space to any home. It’s hard to resist having vaulted rooms when you have the option. But it can be confusing to decorate one without understanding how the higher perspective affects your design decisions.

This vaulted hotel lobby has successfully integrated the high ceiling with the rest of the space without losing the drama and interest. Three design choices helped this happen: color cohesion, architectural details, and accessory proportions.

This room uses ivory, white, and browns to provide a cohesive color palette. The mid-tone brown used in the small diagonal squares on the floor also appears on the wall that reaches the ceiling. The browns that are part of the stairway also make the connection between the floor and the higher elements in the room.

Choosing two tall narrow windows also supports the sense that the ceiling and floor are all part of the same room. The other architectural touch that brings the ceiling into focus comes from the crown molding. By choosing a large format molding, it looks appropriately proportioned from a standing position despite the distance.

Finally, every accessory supports the goal of an integrated space. The artwork is divided into three tall narrow elements that echo the windows and help connect all levels of the room. The tall lean plant brings the brown focal wall down to the floor with its long single stem. The round table brings the curved stairway into focus and adds a corner of welcome at people-level.

When addressing your vaulted room or rooms. Think about what you can do to create a sense of cohesion in the space.

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