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Would you like the front entry of your home to look this dramatic? Well, this entrance has some significant structural advantages, but you can borrow some of these ideas for your own home. Let’s take a look at what you can do.

First, use contrast to add drama. The cream walls and the dark door make the entrance stand out. Whatever colors your home shows, choose a contrasting tone for the door. The two doors in the photo below show two choices for adding drama to a white background.

Red has become a popular color in recent years and it still has an impact. However, if you want to be dramatic and different, how about a dark plum or a glossy black? The green shown below has its own charm.

Next, surround your door with elements of interest. Both of these photos show examples of this. In the top shot, the door has leaded glass surrounding it. This adds sparkle and charm. The other two doors have very dramatic surrounds of both wood and glass. Figure out what you can do with your door.

If options are limited, consider adding personality to the door itself. Notice how each door shows some brass – a large handle on the top photo and mail slots and door knockers on the bottom photo. A wreath or other door decoration also makes your door more unique.

Finally, look at the surface of your entryway or stairs. If they’re bare concrete, think about adding tile or stone to make them special and interesting. Then with a nice doormat, you’re ready to welcome guests with a front entry that catches attention.

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