Make your Hallway Special

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When you’re decorating your house, it’s easy to ignore the hallways. Most people see them as simply a way to get from one decorated room to another. But take the time to make them special and they can add unexpected charm and interest to your home.

This hallway takes advantage of almost every option to charm you as you walk through it. Let’s see if you can borrow any of these ideas for your own home.

The nine-foot ceilings help to make this hall feel more spacious, but even with eight-foot ceilings you can help increase the feeling of more height. This homeowner chose to paint the ceiling several shades lighter than the walls to emphasize the height.

Flooring that matches the rooms surrounding it can help a hall connect the rooms together. The warm pine flooring helps to add charm to this passageway. The light buttermilk walls carry that warmth and help the hallway feel cozy rather than cramped.

There is quite a bit going on in this hallway. The bench by the door invites people to sit and remove their shoes. Further on, a chair and narrow table with its accessories make it feel more like a room than a passageway.

The real secret to this space requires you to look up. Track lighting places a spotlight on every piece of art hung along this hall. The lights and art invite you to take your time as you travel from room to room, lingering to appreciate the special features this hall has to offer.

Is your hallway no more than a path from room to room? Well, how about borrowing some of these ideas to make the space as inviting as any other room in your house?

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