Use Painting to Inspire Bedroom

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Do you wish your bedroom, or your daughter’s bedroom, could be as delightfully feminine and old-fashioned as this one? Well, with just a little effort you can borrow ideas from this painting to create a room of your own.

The colors here are peach, lavender and a soft green. The cohesiveness of this painting is partially due to these colors appearing throughout. You can do the same in your own room. Peach walls can have touches of purple and cream with a glaze over the top. Or wallpaper can pull all three colors together.

You may not have a window seat, but a low bench or small loveseat can create a similar mood. Use cushions and pillows that echo those same colors in stripes and florals.

If you have the space, the wing chair and ottoman are a nice addition. The two don’t have to come together. They will look coordinated if you use a wide stripe to recover them both. The dresser is a warm honey pine. Look for a new or used one with simple lines. If you want the drawers in green like the painting, a light glaze will take care of that

There is no visible flooring in this painting, so you can pick something that works for you. Wood flooring fits the classic look of this room. Add a few rugs in floral patterns for warmth. Cream, light green or even lavender carpeting would also suit this room. Whatever you choose, you’ll have a cozy and inviting space.

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